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2018 Tax Reform Changes


These are some of the more common forms available from the IRS and the State of Minnesota for the 2017 tax season. These links will launch a new window, which will let you access a pdf file that you can either print out or download.

2017 Federal Forms:
Form 1040 Schedule A W-4
Form 1040-A Schedule B Form SS-4 Rev. 12/17
Form 1040-EZ Schedule C Form 2553 Rev. 12/17
Form 1040-V Schedule C-EZ  
  Schedule D  
2017 Federal Instructions:
Form 1040 Instructions Schedule A Instructions Form SS-4 Rev. 12/17 Instructions
Form 1040-A Instructions Schedule C Instructions Form 2553 Rev. 12/17 Instructions
Form 1040-EZ Instructions Schedule D Instructions  
Form 1040 Tax Tables    
2017 Minnesota Forms:
Form M1 Schedule M1M Form M1NR
Schedule M1CD M1PR Form CRP
2017 Minnesota Instructions:
M1 Instructions M1PR Instructions  

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